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New Content!

I am preparing for a new position (update coming later this summer!), and in the process I am shifting previously-made material to this website in order that it will be available even after I leave Columbia. Most notably, I uploaded decks from Google Slides for previous presentations related to topics such as applying for academic conferences, applying for year-long and summer fellowships, and -- most recently -- preparing for the academic job market. I plan to prepare separate posts related to content contained those slides in the future, but for now, they can be accessed in the new Slides section in the Resources menu tab. As ever, this content reflects my personal experiences and insights, and it is heavily influenced by my own situation as a US-trained academic in the field of early Japanese religion and history. These presentations were made for a particular audience, and as such not all resources or content will be relevant for others. Nonetheless, I am providing them in the hopes that they will be informative and helpful to anyone treading the waters of academia, especially as a graduate student.



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