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PhD in East Asian Languages & Cultures                                               October 2021

Columbia University, New York, NY

  • Dissertation: “Precepts and Performances: Overseas Monks and the Emergence of Cosmopolitan Japan”

  • Committee: Michael Como (sponsor), David Lurie, Bernard Faure, D. Max Moerman, Bryan Lowe


MPhil in East Asian Languages and Cultures                                          May 2018

Columbia University, New York, NY

  • Examination Fields: Japanese Religion; Premodern Japanese History; Mainland Asian History & Religion; Themes & Theory

  • Committee: Michael Como, Bernard Faure (advisors), David Lurie, D. Max Moerman

MA in East Asian Languages & Cultures                                                  February 2015

Columbia University, New York, NY

  • Master’s thesis: “Women and Oracles in the Early Hachiman Cult” 

  • Advisor: Michael Como

MA in Religion                                                                                              November 2008

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

  • Master’s thesis: “Temples and Sutras: National Protection in Nara Japan” 

  • Committee: Mark Rowe (advisor), James Benn, Shayne Clarke

BA in Religious Studies & History-Asian Studies                                     May 2004

St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

Magna cum laude with Honors in Religious Studies

  • Honor’s thesis: “The Exploration of Buddhist Themes in Medieval Shintō’s Incorporation of Buddhism As Seen in the Jinnō Shōtōki”  

  • Advisor: Mark MacWilliams


Fellowships, Honors & Awards

  • Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture Postdoctoral Research Scholar                      

  • Donald Keene Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship in Japanese Studies 

  • Sen Lecture Fellow, Donald Keene Center

  • Fulbright Graduate Research Fellow, Fulbright Foundation                    

  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Short-term Postdoctoral Fellowship (declined)

  • Japan Foundation (alternate)

  • Lead Teaching Fellow, Columbia University                                             

  • Blakemore Freeman Fellowship, Blakemore Foundation

  • Academic Year Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) scholarship (declined), Columbia University

  • Weatherhead Ph.D. Training Grant, Columbia University

  • Summer FLAS (FLAS) scholarship, Columbia  University

  • Dean's Fellow, Columbia  University

  • Scholarships for Japanese language program, McMaster University; Middlebury College

  • Full scholarship & bursary for Master’s program, McMaster University

  • Kathryn Frazer Mackay Endowed Prize in Religious Studies, St. Lawrence University

  • Faculty Scholar, St. Lawrence University 

  • Scholarship for study in Japan, Mukogawa Women’s University 

  • Freeman Fellowship scholarship, St. Lawrence University 



The Multicultural Splendor of the Tōdaiji Eye-Opening Ceremony

(In Process)

The Vinaya Veneer: Reexamining the Role of Monastic Precepts in the Risshi Shōsei

(In Process)

Precepts in the Peripheries: Ordination Platforms in Nara, Dazaifu, and Shimotsuke

(In Process)

Book Reviews
Dorothy C. Wong. Buddhist Pilgrim-Monks as Agents of Cultural and Artistic Transmission: The International Buddhist Art Style in East Asia, ca. 645–770

reviewed in Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu University 4 (March 2019).


Lectures & Invited Talks

“The Origin of Buddhism in Japan.”
Silver Lining: East Asia in the Pandemic podcast. June, 2021.
“Buddhism and the Nara State.”  

“Japan and Korea in the Chinese Crucible” course, Salisbury University. March, 2021.

“Platforms of Legitimacy: Searching for a Precepts Master and Shifting Monastic Ordinations in Eighth Century Japan”

Kyoto Asian Studies Group. Doshisha University, October, 2019.

“Guided tour around Nara”

Kyoto Symposium for Japanese Studies. October, 2019

“How Religion Helped Shape Kyoto: A Brief Tour Through Higashiyama”

Fulbright International Education Administrators. June, 2019.

“Japan and South Korea: Additional Tensions and Controversies.”

“Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Korea” course. March, 2018.

Conference Presentations

“Celebration and Celebrants: The Multicultural Spectacle of Tōdaiji Temple’s Eye-Opening Ceremony”

Sounds and Colours of Japanese Rites conference, McGill University, Montreal, March 2022. (forthcoming)

“Tōdaiji Temple as State Protector and Familial Temple”

American Academy of Religion (AAR) Annual Conference, San Antonio, November 2021 (online due to COVID-19).

“Precepts, Platforms, and Politics: Monastic Ordination Reform and Political Control in Eighth Century Japan” 

Association for Asian Studies (AAS) 2021 Annual Conference. Seattle, March 2021 (online due to COVID-19).

“The Ongoing Legacy of Ethnicity for Bodhisena, the First Indian in Japan” 

Columbia University EALAC: 26th Annual Graduate Student Conference on East Asia. Columbia University, February 2017.

“They Say He Came From India: the Eighth Century Brahman Bishop Bodhisena’s Use in Medieval Japanese Art, Literature, and Religion” (in Japanese)「中世日本の美術、文学、宗教に登場する八世紀のバラモン僧正菩提僊那」

Encounters & Intersections in East Asian Religions: A Columbia University Graduate Student Conference in Kyoto. Bukkyō Daigaku, June 2016.

“Buddhist Nationalism in the Development of the Japanese State”

American Academy of Religion, Eastern International Regional Conference. McGill University, May 2008.


“Transmission of Religion” panel.

Columbia University EALAC: 29th Annual Graduate Student Conference on East Asia. Columbia University, February 2020.


Teaching Experience

Lecturer                                                                                                         September 2021-May 2022

Columbia University, New York, NY                                                                           Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures          


  • Fall 2021: Intro to Major Topics: East Asia - Religious Landscapes of East Asia

  • Spring 2022: East Asian Religion: Women in Buddhism

Academic Mentor                                                                                          June-August 2020

Columbia University, School of General Studies                                                             Academic Resource Center


  • Reading & Argument Coach (East Asian Languages and Cultures)

  • Mentoring (social sciences, humanities) ​

Teaching Assistant                                                                                        Jan. 2015-Apr. 2018

Columbia University, New York, NY                                                                            Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures       


  • Spring 2018: Intro to East Asian Civilizations 

  • Fall 2016: Asian Humanities: Major Texts (Como) 

  • Spring 2014: Asian Humanities: Major Texts (de Bary) 

Teaching Assistant                                                                                        Sept. 2006-Apr. 2008

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON                                                                            Department of Religious Studies


  • Spring 2008: Religion and Popular Culture in Japan 

  • Fall 2007: Indian Religious Tradition

  • Spring 2007: Death and Dying: Comparative Views 

  • Fall 2006: Japanese Religion 

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)                                                            July 2004-July 2006

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program, Aomori, Japan                                            Aomori Prefectural Board of Education

Writing Mentor                                                                                            Sept. 2003–Apr. 2004

St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

Teaching Training

Innovative Course Design Seminar (ICSD)                                               Oct.-Dec. 2020

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Columbia University

Supporting Hybrid & Online Learning & Teaching (SHOLT) Course Aug.-Dec. 2020

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Columbia University

Inclusive Teaching Seminar                                                                         Jan-May 2018

Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), Columbia University

Lead Teaching Fellow (LTF)                                                                       Sept. 2017-May 2018

Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), Columbia University

Organized Workshops:

  • Spring 2018: Designing Syllabi for East Asian Studies

  • Fall 2017: Fellowship Applications: Another Form of Teaching 


Professional Development

  • MA Workshop on Applying for Fellowships and Conferences, presenter

  • PhD Workshop on Applying for Grants and Fellowships, presenter

  • Teaching Experience Workshop, presenter   

  • Duty Calls! Navigating the Service and Skill Side of Academia, presenter              

  • Online Academic Writing Retreat & Working Group, organizer

  • Navigating Grant and Fellowship Applications, presenter            

  • PhD Application Workshop for MA students, presenter

  • Office of Academic Integrity, GSAS Fellow in Academic Administration

  • Online Academic Writing Retreat & Working Group, organizer

  • Online Fellowships Application Workshop, presenter

  • Dept. of East Asian Languages & Cultures Fellowships Database, creator

  • C-BEAR Graduate Student Conference in Kyoto, committee member

  • Departmental Representative for GSAC, Columbia University

  • GSAC Representative to International Student Services Organization (ISSO), Columbia University

  • Graduate student advisory committee member for the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture, Columbia University

  • EALAC PhD advisory committee member, Columbia University

  • Collegium Musicum member, Columbia University                           

  • Collegium Musicum member, Columbia University

  • Graduate student departmental representative, McMaster University 

  • Undergraduate student departmental representative, St. Lawrence University

  • Laurentian Singers member, St. Lawrence University                           

University Service


Work History & Experience

GSAS Fellow in Academic Administration                                                  January-May 2020

Academic Integrity, Office of the Dean, Columbia College | Columbia Engineering

Vice President of Communications                                                                June 2017-May 2018

Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC; now ASGC), Columbia University

Cultural & Educational Affairs Coord.; JET Program Coordinator     May 2009-July 2013

Consulate General of Japan, Miami, FL 

Professional Memberships


Steering Committee

American Academy of Religion (AAR)                                                             

Japanese Religions Unit Steering Committee

Association for Asian Studies (AAS)
Society for the Study of Japanese Religions (SSJR)

Language Skills


Advanced, all skills (modern); advanced reading knowledge in classical Japanese (kobun) and Japanese-style Classical Chinese (kanbun)


Intermediate reading; Introductory speaking, writing, listening


Intermediate reading; introductory speaking, writing, listening 

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