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Fellowships in Asian Studies


I started this database in 2017 while searching for fellowships for my own overseas research trips. It has since grown to include fellowships and grants applicable for multiple situations at varying academic stages. My goal is to promote equal access to funding opportunities that allows all scholars easily find fellowships that match their needs and eligibility statuses. While created for my own department at Columbia University and with Asian Studies in mind, several fellowships are applicable to scholars from any affiliation or discipline (Columbia-specific fellowships can be removed through applying a filter in the "specific restrictions" column). I will continually add to it as I discover new opportunities and funding categories!


This table is provided as a courtesy in the spirit of equal access and equal opportunity. I would be happy to see it inspire similar such databases for other fields and areas of study, and I have no problem with this page being linked to on other websites. However, I ask that you please not copy the database itself without my permission. 

How to Use

This database is designed to be used with filters. By adding filters to include or remove specific factors, users can focus their fellowship search by purpose, location, remuneration (in USD), academic status, citizenship, and more. Users are encouraged to always select "open/unspecified" when using filters in order to maximize the number of eligible fellowships. The table is organized to be as accessible as possible with requiring the least number of updates. As such, there are no specific due dates or exact dollar amounts, as these can change from year to year. It is in users' best interests to confirm details, as there may be discrepancies either due to updates or unintentional mistakes. Also, database's target audience is for those in the field of Asian Studies (and predominantly within Humanities and Social Sciences), it is not comprehensive for all departments or areas of study.

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