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Getting Things Started!

As a first post, I figured I will spell out a few of my purposes behind creating this website. Part of it is, yes, to create an internet presence for my research and professional development materials. A major reason, though, is to create a central location for materials that I've created for fellow junior scholars (especially graduate students) who are going through some of the essential stages of their programs. Every graduate program will have specific requirements and rites of passage, but the overall trajectory tends to be the same. I am a big believer in sharing your experiences with others, not as a guideline for how to "properly" approach or carry out a situation, but rather to provide one of multiple voices to others who are looking for suggestions and ideas for how to navigate a situation. Another reason for this website is that I tend to be a bit long-winded with my thoughts and descriptions, and a blog post format is ideal for exploring these ideas and concepts in full. Moreover, as I am currently in Japan carrying out research for my dissertation, a blog gives me a chance to upload pictures and descriptions for all the places I'm visiting and the research questions I'm exploring!

I'm sure this place will develop and evolve as I determine how to best use it for my purposes, but this just helps to get things started!



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