The Shōsōin Repository in Nara, Japan. This building and its contents are very inspirational in my research of early Japan's  history, religion, and international communications.


I am a scholar of Japanese religion and history with a knack for organization and administration. I created this website to have a central place for listing guides, tools, and resources that I have developed or come across in my own experience as student and administrator. I also wanted to have a place for sharing research and travel thoughts and ponderings.

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Disclaimer: Advice and suggestions are based upon personal experience as a student, applicant, and administrator. Listed content may not be fully comprehensive or applicable to all situations or circumstances. All content is original, but it is not necessarily unique and may bear similarities with others' suggestions. Content will also grow and adapt as I gain more experience.

Anyone making use of the resources and suggestions listed here are encouraged to seek out additional recommendations to build their own personalized approaches to navigating the often intimidating world of academia.

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